Thank you for your interest in naming a star.

Our office is closed in July and will reopen on Thursday 1 August 2019.


If your gift occasion is in July place your order on our UK/USA website:

Enquiries to 

  If your order is urgent you can take advantage of the online 'Instant Star' option. You will receive a digital version of the classic gift package and you can print the chart and certificate yourself. The pdf will be emailed instantly and no gift package is sent in the mail. The cost is around AUD $60 (£30 / USD$45).

 If you wish you can then upgrade the 'Instant Star' to our classic physical gift package for AUD $30 (inc. delivery and GST). Contact our Sydney office after 1 August and receive the gift package within 5 business days.


Our classic gift package will be available again from 1 August 2019.


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