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It is good to ask: what stars do they claim to name? For example, there are only a few thousand stars that are visible without a telescope. (They have never been available for naming through us.) But we have already named two million stars worldwide. How many stars have they named? Are the stars named again and again by them? Just what exactly is a bright star? Or an extra bright star? Or a visible star? What is a binary star? (The nature and science of ‘binary stars’ is much more complex than it might first sound.) Where are they located? How are the records kept? -

All our affiliates around the world have the name 'International Star Registry' and use the distinctive logo that you see on this website.


How long does it take to receive the gift?

Gift packages leave within 48 hours of our receiving your completed order. Depending on the destination, delivery takes 5-10 working days. Any delay caused by the carriers is beyond the control of the International Star Registry.

Delivery Options:

Home address: gift packages are sent with Australia Post. If no one is home, they will leave a card, and the package can be collected from the local post office.
Post office boxes are also suitable.

If you have any questions about delivery, please let us know before ordering. We can give you an estimated time of arrival for your gift package.

Can delivery be specified for a particular date?

Yes, it can, but we do not recommend this as there are risks involved. Although we guarantee that orders leave us within 48 hours, human error, traffic delays or other unforseen circumstances could cause a gift to miss the recipient on the specified day. In cases when the gift is ordered at short notice, there is no other option. If, however, you order the gift in advance, we recommend having the package sent as soon as it is ready either to yourself or to the recipient with a "Do Not Open Until Specified Date" label attached. This generally heightens the anticipation and success of the gift, and gives all concerned peace of mind. (This includes all of us here at the International Star Registry Australia-New Zealand Office as well!)

Are the stars visible to the naked eye?

No, they are not. Only around 5000 stars are visible to the naked eye. These stars are not available for naming (and never have been) because they already have scientific and historical names.

How many times are the stars named? 

Each star is named once only by the International Star Registry and taken off the availability list.

Can I “buy” a star?

No. The stars named through ISR are not "owned", nor is their scientific identification altered. ISR enables individuals to name a real star for a person most appreciated by them. This astronomical listing is not scientific, but symbolic. The stars are recorded alphabetically rather than by size and location. The advantages of registering stars in this manner are of both personal and historical significance. Because the stars are listed according to the names assigned to each, centuries from now our descendants will be able to locate the names in the "Your Place in the Cosmos" series of hard cover astronomy books, look up the name and find the star in the night sky. And that is an amazing concept, isn't it?

What happens if the name has been used before?

A name cannot be “taken” even if the name has been used before. You can visualise this working like a telephone book, where you might have a number of people listed who have the same name. You would be able to differentiate them by address and by telephone number. Similarly, you might find a number of stars named "Judy", for instance. When looking up the star named for your "Judy" in the relevant volume of "Your Place in the Cosmos", you would seek the constellation and coordinates of the star named for that particular "Judy" e.g. Judy, Leo 11h 38m 20s D 28° 28' . Each star has a unique set of co-ordinates different from any other, making it simple to find the right star name.

Can the name be for more than one person?

Yes. A star is often named for a couple, or even a family or group of people. As long as the name is within the 40 characters' limit (letters, numbers and spaces between the words counting as characters) you can name the star anything you wish.

Can I name two or more stars next to each other?

You can name stars that appear to be near each other as seen from Earth. However, the stars as we see them in the night sky are not grouped together in space but are separated by vast distances.

We keep records of all the star names and their positions named through our office. This makes it possible to name another star or stars in close proximity according to the telescopic coordinates and position on the map.

What is the date of registration?

The meaning of the gift is greatly enhanced by having a special day recorded on the certificate. The date of registration should be a significant date from the current year in which the star is being named. In the case of memorials or missed events, it can be backdated to a meaningful date within the last 1-2 years. It can of course be dated forward, so that it is ready for presentation on the special occasion.

A solution for those wishing to incorporate earlier dates/years is to include the desired date with the name, e.g. 'Star of Elvis Presley - 8.1.1935' (The name must remain within the 45 characters' limit - letters, numbers and spaces between the words counting as characters.)

Will a star naming that is dated forward be registered now or when the date comes up?

Naturally most gifts are ordered in advance. This way they are ready for presentation on the special day. So it is normal practice to complete the star naming ahead of time. Registrations are forwarded to head office and processed on a regular basis. This means that if you name a star for a special occasion in advance of the date, the star will already be registered by the time you present it on the special day.

Can the name of the star be changed once it has been registered?

Once the registration process has been completed, it is not possible to change any of the details. The name will be attached to the particular star and published in the next edition of the series of books "Your Place in the Cosmos" registered with US Copyright Office in Washington DC.

On the other hand, if a mistake has been made with one of the details before it has been registered, a new certificate can be issued. This would need to be brought to our attention immediately. They would generally cover errors with dates or the spelling of a name. If the error was on our part, then naturally there is no charge and a big apology. Errors in the details submitted to us will carry charges for the additional costs incurred in producing a new certificate of record and delivery.

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