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Delivery within Australia

  • Gift packages are sent with Australia Post e-parcel from Sydney. Delivery time depends on your postcode and takes 2-10 business days
  • To ensure smooth delivery of the gift package to most postcodes by Christmas please place your order by Tuesday 18 December. 

Please note deliveries to WA, NT, far north QLD and remote locations in all states might take 4-10 days to arrive so the gift package might not be there by Christmas. Please call us on 02 9557 6859 to check the delivery time. 

  • If you are concerned that the gift package won't arrive in time we can send a Name-A–Star gift voucher whereby the recipient gets to choose the star naming details later. Gift vouchers will be emailed (and mailed) and can printed at home. 
  • At the first drop down list select the 'Name-A-Star Gift Voucher'.
  • Leave the star name/date/constellation fields blank - the gift voucher recipient will choose these later.
  • Let us know if it is a memorial by selecting the in memoriam option.
  • 'Add to cart' and proceed to the checkout to finalise the delivery and payment details.
  • At the checkout you can let us know any other special requirements.

Delivery to New Zealand:

  • Gift packages are sent with Australia Post Air Express from Sydney. Delivery time depends on your location and takes 3-15 business days.




Prices include GST and delivery.

Maximum 45 characters; letters, numbers, apostrophes and spaces between words counting as characters. DO NOT USE all capital letters in a long star name, they are crowded and less legible on the certificate.

This does not have to be today's date. The date of registration can be any date from January 2016 onward that would contribute to the meaning of the star naming (dd/mm/yyyy).

Select a constellation you wish to use from ONE of the next two drop down lists. Please note only the Latin name appears on the chart. Constellations of the Zodiac (‘star signs’) are visible for only 6 months from Australia.

LEAVE THIS BLANK if you have chosen a constellation above. NOT VISIBLE FROM AUSTRALIA. CHOOSE ONLY if the recipient is in the Northern Hemisphere.

Please select below if the star naming is in memory of a deceased person.

The purchaser's name is not sent in the gift package. If you wish please enter your name/message to the recipient exactly as you would like it to appear and it will be printed and enclosed.

To order additional copies of the certificate and chart please select below
(for other quantities please contact us).

If the 'additional gift package' is to be delivered to a different address than the main gift package, please enter the recipient’s name and address here. You will be asked to enter the delivery address for the main gift package on the next page.

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