How to name a star



Name a Star



You nominate the constellation, the date of registration, and most importantly, the name you are giving to the star.


The constellation choice

The constellations are the groups of stars forming a distinctive pattern as seen from Earth. There are 88 constellations.


  • To name a star that is above Australia all year round, select a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere (e.g. Crux/The Southern Cross).

  • Alternatively, you can nominate to have a star named from one of the 12 Zodiac (starsign) constellations. These are ONLY VISIBLE FOR ABOUT SIX MONTHS from Australia and New Zealand. For the other half of the year the whole constellation moves to the Northern Hemisphere.

  • For recipients residing in the Northern Hemisphere, select a constellation in the Nothern Hemisphere (e.g. Ursa Major/Big Dipper). These constellations are NOT visible from Australia, CHOOSE ONLY if the recipient lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

On the order form the constellations are listed by their Latin name, followed by the English equivalent. If you are undecided, the constellation name that most captures the spirit of the occasion, or enhances the significance of the gift is usually your best choice. Please note that only the Latin name appears on the chart and certificate.

Southern Hemisphere constellations:

Antlia Airpump   Lepus Hare  
Apus Bird of Paradise   Lupus Wolf  
Ara Altar   Mensa Table (mountain)  
Caelum Sculptor's Tool   Microscopium Microscope  
Canis Major Great Dog   Monoceros Unicorn  
Carina Keel   Musca Southern Fly  
Centaurus Centaur   Norma Ruler  
Cetus Whale   Octans Octant  
Chameleon Chameleon   Orion Orion  
Circinus Compasses (drafting tool)   Pavo Peacock  
Columba Dove   Phoenix Firebird  
Corona Australis Southern Crown   Pictor Painter (or his Easel)  
Corvus Crow/Raven   Piscis Austrinus Southern Fish  
Crater Cup   Puppis Stern  
Crux Southern Cross   Pyxis Mariner's Compass  
Dorado Swordfish (Goldfish)   Reticulum Net  
Eridanus Eridanus (River)   Sculptor Sculptor  
Fornax Furnace   Sextans Sextant  
Grus Crane   Telescopium Telescope  
Horologium Clock   Triangulum Australe Southern Triangle  
Hydra Sea Serpent (female)   Tucana Toucan  
Hydrus Water Snake (male)   Vela Sail  
Indus Indian   Volans Flying Fish  


Optimum viewing periods for the Zodiac signs from the Southern Hemisphere:

Aquarius August to January  
Pisces August to February  
Aries October to March  
Taurus October to April  
Gemini December to May  
Cancer December to May  
Leo February to July  
Virgo April to September  
Libra April to September  
Scorpius April to November  
Sagittarius June to November  
Capricornus June to December  
Please note that the star you are naming is NOT visible to the naked eye. You need a telescope to see it.

The date of registration

The date of registration contributes to the meaning of the star naming. It can be any date from August 2017 onward. The date of registration does not affect delivery - gift packages are sent within two business days of us receiving the order.


The star name

Deciding the name is the most important part. You can use up to 45 characters (letters, numbers and the spaces between words count as characters). Most star names are the name of the person the gift is for. It can however be anything from a nickname to the full name and birthdate. Or, the star name could consist of the names of a couple, and even include a message. Many choose a name that is of special significance to the giver and receiver alone. Because you know the recipient best, your choice will certainly make that person feel like a star.

If you decide to use more than the name of person the gift is intended for, here are some sample names illustrating the styles used.

Annie My Princess
Norman Ernest's Bit of Heaven
Danny's Dream
Nuklegeus Gabriellus
Essentia Stellaris Mary
Ricky and Annie for Eternity
Forever Tom
In Memory of Robert Short
The Brilliance of David Wright
Judy & Trevor - Celebration of Love
The Heavenly Body of Joan Boucher
Karen Francis - 2 August 1960
The Ross Howard Star
Kelly's Light
The Williams' Anniversary Star
My Fuzzy Haired Do-Do
Nathan - the silver fox - Andrews
Warren - the Stargazer - Clark
Star of Bradley
Michy's Sparkle
trish Lord Forever Shining
Whyte Flame
Celestial Griffin
Danny Stringer - My One & Only
Jocelyn - immortalis amor
Lynne P 50
Anthony Lennell 17021940
You light up my life Carly
Robby - Forever My Star - Tania
Julie Wood's Guiding Light
BJ - You will never dream alone!
Ted's Star Looking Down With Love
GT Gary Thirlwell
Sue Adams - The Sparkle of My Life
Peter's Perpetual Light

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